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'A Twist of Nature'

Absolutely beautiful. I love it. that maspects razor looks good too:)
Stunning pal. Your getting a dab hand at this now ha. I cant wait to see this grown in. Long term scape??? Your waters crystal clear too and I love the contrast of the yellow fish
Cheers mate :thumbup: yes I am aiming to keep this scape running a bit longer than the last one... I am enjoying watching it grow, slooooooooowly.

Absolutely beautiful. I love it. that maspects razor looks good too
Thanks Kirk, the Razor is a good bit of kit... very powerful though, its only on about 50% power on this scape... I dare not go to much higher :nailbiting:
Awesome! Exactly what I will be looking to do in the new year. I love the way the manzy just pokes out the water, there's just something about it.

Cheers Daniel :) welcome to UKAPS too :thumbup:
A small update, things are still going well.... I have added some Eriocaulon cinereum to the scape and a few more Bucephalandra "Melawi" dotted around the bottom of the wood - the carpet plants seem to have really got a mad growth spurt on too at the moment.

I am thinking about adding a tiny bit of immersed planting to parts of the exposed wood, but not really sure on what to add? There are parts of the Christmas moss on the wood very near the surface which look nice, so something to compliment that would be good.... But nothing to wild or mad! Any ideas or pointers would be great :)
See, this is what I've missed. The way you're adding thing to make the scape evolve. It look tremendous Gary. Ime putting the moss just below surface level works best, the moss always goes towards the light and most c02.
Why does that kind of make me think of beetle juice ha ha

Now if we say beetle juice 3 times on a single forum, what will happen?

Ooh poop! That's twice!

I thought I had best update my journal a bit, as its long over due... Work life has been a little bit upside down, but all back on track now and I'm starting my new job on Monday :thumbup: so I can really concentrate on the tank a bit more.

The tank has had very little maintenance done on it over the last month, with just the weekly water change and ferts dropped in, but luckily its been ticking along and it has not given me any grief whilst other things have taken priority. I've decided to have a play about with another light system for a few weeks and have a change from the 'Maxspect Razor' that I was running before.

I have added an auto water top, for the money it an excellent bit of kit and it stops my skimmer sucking air as water level drops... much to the annoyance of waking my mrs at 3am :rage:

Anyway a few pics...

IMG_0159 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr

IMG_0154 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr

IMG_0156 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr

IMG_0161 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr

IMG_0163 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr
Garry. This looks great especially as you have not touched it! Very good work!

How have you gone about engineering the auto top up without pulling plumbing out of the walls?


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