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Absolutely tiny white hair in water


14 May 2022

I have absolutely tiny white hairs throughout the water column in my aquarium. They aren't attached to substrate or anything else just floating, looks almost dust size, thinner than a human hair. The whole water column is thick with them when you look close.

Plants growing, normal algae and shrimps fine too. Been like this a few weeks.

Does anyone know if it's plant, animal or a damming reflection on my housework? Seriously though, the house isn't dusty.

I can't take a picture as they are too tiny. My best description would be dust fibres.

Managed to do a picture if you zoom in


  • PXL_20220908_173112970.MP.jpg
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What filter media are you using?
Thanks, it's a sponge and carbon in the filter
Looks like disintegrated rockwool, did you remove it all from roots when planting the tank.
Thanks again, what an interesting idea. I did try and get it all off but I guess it's entirely possible a tiny bit was left. I guess a tiny bit might make a huge mess. I have sort of convinced myself it must be an algae or micro worm of some sort so rockwool is an interesting idea!!
Have a look at the sponge and carbon could be poor quality material and breaking down!
Thanks, I had a look this morning and it seemed to be pretty good integrity wise. I've just added some fine filter wool to see if that might do the trick to remove the stuff.