Accidental Emersed jungle

Discussion in 'Emersed Growing' started by MrHidley, 13 Apr 2017.

  1. MrHidley

    MrHidley Member

    13 Jan 2014
    Ipswich, United Kingdom
    So, I was thinking about a scape i'm in the process of setting up, and i suddenly remembered that i had a tupperware box of plants on the windowsil in a room i never go in (spare bedroom/the cat's bedroom). The box has been untouched since i moved into my new house in September. Sans the mould (which i assume is harmless?) i think it's gone pretty well! I guess i won't have to buy any H.Tripartita ever again.


    Should i pull the dead stuff out, or is it just fertilising the rest of the plants?
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  2. dean

    dean Member

    6 Apr 2012
    Warrington, Cheshire
    Looks good for a neglected plant
    If only aquariums acted like this

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