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Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by sevenleaf, 12 Jan 2009.

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    12 Mar 2008
    After stripping down my EX700 and thoroughly cleaning it, and the pipes / bar / connectors etc I thought I'd measure the actual output to see what my water turnover was. I was expecting a figure less that the 700lph Tetratec claim, but I was very surprised at just how low turnover I had. I have a 170l tank and the EX700 is only giving me approximately 290lph (without bar) giving me less than 2x! I think another filter is required.

    So I was thinking, what performance does everyone else get from their filter(s)?
  2. ceg4048

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    11 Jul 2007
    Chicago, USA
    Filters typically output only about 50% of their normal rated values. The actual output suffers even more if the filter is mounted much lower than the water line. This is why we developed th 10X rated turnover rule of thumb. Based on this rule a single EX700 should be used for a 70Liter tank for example. this assumes you are using it for a high light CO2 injected tank. Non-injected tanks tanks don't require this level of turnover so it depends on your setup.


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