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ADA 60fs Last Chance

I was going to buy the tmc v2 pro , it looks good and well built , I looked around and managed to get it for £70 but I was a tight ass and went cheaper and paid the £56 for the co2 SM one.

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Ordering regulator to tonight stuck between co2 supermarket and tmc v2 but non are adjustable and co2 supermarket is cheaper so might just go for that I think, didn't get home till after 9 yesterday so didn't get a chance

Thanks for all opinions and help
slight problem read great reviews about dennerle is the one you listed ian this make ? also I cannot read german how do I change the link into English ?

Thanks dean
lol do they have good reviews and are dennerle ones expensive ?

great quality and cannot go wrong for 20 years service :) , are the ones in the link meant to be good then mate ? will try go through and order best I can if they are lol

also will it fit f/e

Not had chance to do anything yet but just been payed today so I can now pay slightly more maybe £80-100 for regulator for that price what would you recommend sorry to ask again german ones are meant to be good like dennerle and dupla but cannot find were to buy etc any help will be great and links etc want ordered ASAP

Thanks dean
I like the quantum but doesn't have a solenoid by the looks of it :( anything else similar priced or a little cheaper that's recommended

I've just rescape the cube with the ADAafricana and second time around, what a mess:eek: Don't think I'll use it again. Have been silly enough to try a steep slope with it so if it slides down I'm just going to strip it down and bin the Africana. My filter is currently blowing about mud:rolleyes: .
On your budget my preference would be an up aqua from aqua essential this to my knowledge is the only adjustable pressure rwgulator in the price range