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ADA 60fs Last Chance

Sounds like you could have found the right piece for the puzzle there mate :)
I hope this fixes things for you and you nail that scape .

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thanks guys will keep you posted thanks for help so far


I want to build a cabinet for this aquarium anyone know any good websites or journals on here what give explanations or help on building cabinet, I am ok ay DIY and have all the tools just ant to know best design for strength, only a shallow 30l so doesn't need to be super strong

any help welcome
found kirks but not many pics
New plans, finally got me opti. 80x40x40 | UK Aquatic Plant Society

Thanks dean
Theres a few journals ive come across with diy cabinets its just a case of finding them, try the seach feature also theres a few in the diy section,

For your tank a standard 18mm mdf carcass will be more than enough :)
Help needed Ordered this reg about week ago .SeaMe.com internetshop for aquamriumproducts

Dennerle anyway I got this email when asking if posted and for tracking number

hello dean

i had to order it in
you told me that you ordered dennerle but is was duple on your bill
and i didn't stock the duple
if you need it fast i can ship the best one of dennerle
please let me know
regards leo

What you guys thik it looks like dennerle but says in duple are they good and what would you do

Thanks dean
Dupla it is thanks mate just making sure they are better or just as good, been a week and he just saying waiting to get them in stock , thought would have been on its way to my house lol

This is the one you want, I use both Dupla & Dennerle but Dupla are the slightly better quality.
£117..... You could nearly diy a boc reg for that money.
But it does look nice and will be much better than any chinese reg. hope it sorts your problems, good luck
Hi Sam no update I emailed the company asking when getting delivered as been nearly 2 weeks now and still awaiting another email, going to have to get in touch with paypal soon as only get 3 weeks to start dispute I think so not very good so far, will keep you posted mate and thanks for sticking by my journal :thumbup: I am so determined to have a thriving aquarium , honestly dying to buy a 90cm NA but to risky and cannot get this one going yet lol also thinking of using a easier plant instead of HC maybe glosso or something similar what you think ?

Thanks dean
**good and bad news good news is reg arrived today :D bad news is the plastic piece what the co2 tubing goes onto is snapped and was lying at bottom of box :( should be plastic really but goin to go to pirtec today se of anything same size, also rang rounds to get FE refilled got quoted £29 then eventually came across great company dropped one full off at house and took mine away for £12 :D that seems reasonable so will keep everyone up to date and let you know how get on looking for replacement part, will fit tomorrow aslong as get that part, if you look at the pic of it you will see the piece I mean but apart from that plastic piece the rest seems very solid and well made you can feel the weiht difference and quality of it, will post pics later as trying to looking after bairn today

well been all over today been to BOC, screwfix, pirtech,dobbies and nothing so might end up having to wait for one bit annoying well built reg with flimsy plastic air-pipe connection :mad: might check pets at home but doubt it any one know were might have something like this ?

Thanks dean
I have some barbed 4/6 connectors if the plastic bit unscrews and has a 1/8" thread they will work. I feel bad as I pointed you to the seller

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lol don't be stupid its not ur fault mate its strange though its a solid reg with flimsy plastic piece,some pics also looks a lot smaller than them what u have



no luck again lol emailed seame.com but takes ages to get one back normally 4 days so bad communication