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Ada 60p, talawa land


19 Jan 2016

Playing with talawa and seiryu stones at my LFS this afternoon...get me inspired for the 2019 version of my 60p...to be continued, soon!


Looks good bud!

What’s the plans for plants?!

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Looks good bud!

What’s the plans for plants?!

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Thanks, not Totally planned yet but something easy and natural;

Ferns, mosses, hydrocotyle, maybe c.helferi in the background.

Thinking about using jbl haru for sticking the hardscape together on the plexiglass

V2.0: still a lot to do but I have Time...


Cyperus might be a bit tall, it can grow across the surface and block a fair bit of light. I had some in my current scape but removed for that reason. I like the wood

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Thanks! I was just thinking the same
About the c.helferi...here's new plant list:

Rotala green (back)
Rotala h´ra Vietnam (back)
Hemianthus micranthemoides (middle left and right)
Eleocharis sp mini (front right)
Microsorum trident (focal point)
Marsilea hirsuta (front right)
Hc cuba (not sure)
Hydrocotyle sp japan (middle left)
Riccardia (on stones)
Mini Xmas moss(on Wood)
Anubia petite(on wood)
Buce(on Wood)

Next step, adding Wood branches
Thanks guys, I'm scratching my head about plants list for now.

What do you think about adding moss on driftwood, yes or no?

Planning, adding fishes and final pic are my 3 favorites moments of this hobby :)
I’d skip the “fluffy” mosses, maybe some Riccardia chamedryfolia heavily trimmed

(maybe use Jurijs mit JS method to paint a mix of soil and Riccardia here and there)

Thanks alto, I'll stay with riccardia graeffei ans chamedryfolia!

Added ada la plata sand, aqua Gravel S and small pebbles...still need to arrange gravel.



Next step: soil! Can't choose beetween ada light, amazonia II and tropica?

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Fantastic “beach”

Any of those 3 soils will deliver, though after adding Tropica Nutrition Capsules (Jurijs mit JS again ;)) I think I may be a convert ... I suspect that ADA light and Tropica are more forgiving should you miss water changes etc
Really nice. Great attention to detail.
I have allways used tropica soil more to due to it being more readily available in my area to be honest, never had no problem with it.
Once the tank has water in I find the tropica tabs hard to push into the soil, the gel coating on the tabs sticks to the tweezers once wet and pulls them back outo_O. though you should have no problem with this sprinkling dry into the soil.
I use ADA multi and iron bottom once the tank has water in:).