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Ada 60p, talawa land

Well I'd like to thank you for your beautiful scapes and the time and effort you have contribute to the hobby hope your not going to give up scaping mate
Deleting my account was an stupid idea! I've deleted All my social network account and that may be enough for now. :)

I'm still here, thanks for you support guys.

Tank update;

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And you’ve mastered the Trimming of the Tripartita :D

- it always convinces me to just let it grow a little while longer :oops:
Looking very impressive. I love the H T Japan, it's great when you get it to do what you want, but take that shot quick before it runs rampant :)
Anyone seen the phone ad were a chap just wants to enjoy his rail journey and chat to fellow passengers but ends up in meltdown because everyone is on their mobiles! Well when our daughters visit thats it they come to visit but spend a lot of the time on social mediao_O ,the art of conversation blunted! I cant complain too much as I am likely to be looking in on UKAPS :D