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Ada 60p with Eheim Pro4 250T (Opinion)


New Member
13 Apr 2014
Hello friends,

I am thinking of buying an Ada 60p.

Right now I have an Eheim Professional 4 250T filter, see any problem keeping the inflow 17mm and buy the ada outflow P-2 13mm

Or do you think I should buy a less powerful filter? But I didn't want to see the heater inside the aquarium ...

I appreciate your opinion.


24 Dec 2014
You’re fine with that filter, you can always add in Eheim taps to adjust flow (if needed)
Depending how you construct the hardscape and plants chosen, you may want the full flow once the plants have grown in
If you go with tissue culture cups such as Tropica’s 1-2-Grow range, then you’ll likely want to reduce flow so that soil and plants aren’t blown about, filter flow can obviously slowly shift soil and sand so after a couple days you have a new topography

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