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ADA Solar 1


2 Aug 2007
Problem is you have to buy their entire light system, you cannot buy just the fixture.
ADA had the lowest of any HQI MH e ballast set ups I've ever measured, about 2x less than what you might expect using a light meter.

I guess folks think they are getting high light, when in fact, they are just getting heat and waste....
At least on the 3 lights I've measured, all had the same output.

This may be a concerted effort on ADA's part, knowing lower light will provide less algae, easier to care for results etc, but playing into the buyer's marketing lust for more is better higher lighting myths. Using the lust against the aquarist I guess is one way to consider it. I do not see how they could not make and develop a light like this, ask for lots of $$$ and not know the PAR is really low. That would not be very likely at all.

They must know and be aware of what they are doing there.
I sort of agree with it, but why not just come clean and say to use less light??
I guess easier to play along with the myth, sell $$$.

Tom Barr

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