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Advice for new scape


4 May 2009
N.Wales (Buckley)
Right, Since we have decorated the front room and I blew the lights up I figured I might as well rescape the tank. Am struggling a bit though for what to do.

Its a 60cm x 35cm x 35xm tank, its going to house mainly green neons but I have some golden loaches which need somewhere to hide. I like the iwagumi style tanks but its not got anywhere for the loaches to hide. I don't really like the jungle style for an entire tank and I quite fancy using some fosilised wood.

Am looking for some ideas then, as you look at the tank, the front and the right side are visible so I was thinking that I have a sand area towards the right, place the fosilised wood on the right and use some plants which give a good amount of shade instead of coverage (java fern etc).

Anyone got any ideas or pictures?

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