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Advice re diatoms (?) and new aquascape start up please


30 Jul 2012
Seaford, East Sussex
Hi there,

my tank:

48 x 15 x 18
3 x 39w T5 (36" tubes) for 8hrs
CO2 2 hrs before lights on - drop checker lime green at LO
EI dosing (just started)
daily Exel dose
the fish are not back in the tank yet

Just re-scaped my tank (4th week in) and I'm just coming to the end of my first week of EI dosing. I've notice some small patches of brown film algae (diatoms?) on some leaves of my anubias and crypts and on some rock.

I'm filtering and cycling the tank using the mature filter from the last set up however, I did give it a good clean in old tank water just before I started EI last week and before I pop the fist back in this week.

The filter is allegedly 1500 lph running into a spray bar on the back glass along with two 1600 lph power heads, flow is directed across the tank to the front, so flow if good with no dead spots. CO2 is distributed via the spray bar

So I'm wondering if the algae is due to over lighting or having cleaned my filter?

Will it disappear on it's own if it's due to the filter or should I try knocking down to a 7 hr photo period ?

There are a couple of ottos going back in on Sunday after water change so maybe they will get rid of it for me 😀

Any advice would be welcome.

thx 🙂
could be over illumination, 7 hours lighting is plenty. try 6 hours and see?
Ok thanks,

I'll try 6 and if it clears I'll try 7.

My stems seem to close an hour before LO so maybe they're trying to tell me something 🙂