Aggressive Female Emperor Tetra

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Greef, 12 Jan 2009.

  1. Greef

    Greef Newly Registered

    Hello all.

    I have recently added 6 emperor tetras to my planted scape and all is fine with the environment of the tank. However one female has become quite aggessive to the other 5 emperors. Am i right to think that this is due to rank. I may be overly concerned but some assurance is much needed as it is very distressing to observe, and the other emperors are becoming shy to swim out from under rocks and plants.

    Any help would be great


  2. Thomas McMillan

    Thomas McMillan Member

    I think this can be a common thing, especially amoungs small groups of tetras. The five or so neons in my sister's tank are always having a go at each other when I look in there.

    How big is the tank? I would make sure you have plenty of hiding places, and you could also add a few more o stir things up a bit if you have enough room.

    If not, they should be fine. I know it can be a bit distressing to watch, but it's just part of being a fish (as long as it doesn't get too out of hand). Just make sure you are feeding enough, and as I said there is planty of hiding places.
  3. Greef

    Greef Newly Registered

    Thanks Thomas,

    The tank is 18"x12"x12". Approx 45 litres. There's plenty of space for them to hide amongst the plants, and in the coming weeks i will be adding some more fish and a couple of shrimp once my amm/nit levels are zero. To add a bit of distraction. Feeding is fine i feed them ever other day and they don't seem to mind.
    Great looking fish though and very pleased overall.

    Cheers again Thomas

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