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algae issues.


10 Feb 2009
Still having a little problem with bba and bga.The bga is not a bad as it was its more or less confined to the substrate (any advice) where as before it was covering everything.Im getting more of the bba, i am using the ei method.I know that test kits aren`t very reliable but im adding 1/2 teaspoon of kn03 every other day and its still showing zero nitrates will it be ok to up the kno3 a little to try and get the level up.Im adding all my ferts in accordance with the ei .lighting is 6hrs a day 56w t5(reflectors) ,injected co2 drop checker lime green ,50% weekly wc,2 koralia 1 ph ,trigon 190l,tank many thanks.


Expert/Global Moderator
11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
I guess I'll always be flabbergasted by the use of a test kit when it's clear that the kit is duff. That's like being on a diet and trying to monitor your weight loss with a scale that doesn't work. Why bother? It's almost like having an addiction, or a teddy bear even. :wideyed:

In any case, add as much KNO3 needed to eliminate the BGA. You can double the KNO3 dosage and then reduce it later if you worry about such things. Make sure though, that this isn't due to the other issues such as poor filter/tank maintenance or poor flow/distribution.

The BBA is a much tougher issue as this might be due to combinations of poor injection rate, poor flow distribution and poor timing. Depending on the type of tank inmates, you might consider upping the injection rate or at least turning on the gas even earlier before lights on. It's not clear how your distribution is configured so it's hard to say what changes might need to be made in that regard, but the BGA at the substrate level might be an indicator that flow in the region of the substrate is inadequate.

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