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All pond solution ext filter


22 Mar 2013
Has anyone got any feedback about these ?

I'm thinking of maybe buying a used one for £20
It's 1000lh ,
I have only used fluval and its been solid for about 5 years
Feedback highly appreciated .
They do the job pretty well. You do get what you pay for though, with the plastics being a little on the brittle side. As long as you're not too rough with the baskets etc, it's fine. Flow rate is good, and it doesn't clog easily. For the money, it does a fairly admirable job.
He wants £25 , it's 3 years old and has only one sponge and the hoses but no meadia or spray bar ,
Do you think it's worth the £25 ??
Yea I did check out their site , well you just made me decide , I will pass on the £25 :)
Are they worth the £50 new ??
With media added the flow rate wont be much more than 500lph if you are lucky so as long as your not looking to use it on a tank larger than 100L you should be fine. I am running one on the tank in my Avatar (60L) and it does a good job.

But as already said I would pay the extra to get a new filter.
The name sun sun says it all really !
I have a 125 liter jewel , not flooded at the moment , will be in a month or so .
I have previously used the fluval 205 and its been sufficient but since the majority use the '10x' rule I presume i need something a bit bigger ,
But after substrate and hardscape it's got to be about 90 liters , so I guess around 1000plh will be ok . Any recommendations?
I do have an decent internal filter which runs max at 800lph which I can use alongside the fluval as a temporary measure until I get a decent external .
Is it worth buying used ?
IMO you can get good bargains buying second hand, usually when someone has had a short stint at fishkeeping only to sell all their equipment shortly after buying it.

But I wouldn't want to buy a filter that is 3 years old, but that's just me being cautious.
All filters will lose flow with head height media etc all being factors if your set on the 10x rule id be looking a aroung 1200lph this might give you 800lph after flow restrictions other than that look at using a power head to supplement your flow

I am a big fan of the fluval filters id go for a fluval 406 if memory serves me right there rated around 1400lph but have a flow control so would give you plenty of adjustment other than that theres plenty of eheim that are very well regarded I suppose most of the choice comes down to budget but id always advise go as big as you can, this will give you adjustment and save you having to either buy bigger in the future or and extra powerheads
I've read of various issues with the recently manufactured 2213; not anywhere near what they used to be. The APS EF series serves a purpose at a budget price. I've used them in the past until I could buy something of better quality. Anither fairly decent (but slightlt more expensive) filter is the AquaOne Aquis or TetraTec EX filters. Both are ok for the price.

Don't be put off by snobbery, and people sneering at the brand; its no frills, but it works.
Id rather have the aquis than the fluval, it feels much stronger, better built, than the fluval, its easier to bleed air from, and they come with black spray bars and longer hoses. The only plus points for the fluval is the quick release taps and carbon media
I bought fluval off a guy who ran it for 3 weeks and said it was s**t, for £20
Cant comment on the rest havnt tried em
Does the '10x' rule cover the loss of flow reduction ? There will be different reviews and most people will swear by the ones that they have used/use , maybe I will just choose one and make it trial and error :)

Just seen that you can get the fluval 306 off eBay new for £87 including shipping .
Seems like an ok deal ,

I found this deal as well ? This seems like a good deal right ??
And yes it was at that price for the 306,