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All pond solution ext filter

Ok , I've never heard of that make of filter you mentioned so cannot help you there , but what about an APS one ?
Hopefully got the leak on my fluval 405 sorted.

First i siliconed the inside of the canister. only one corner was leaking but I thought I might as well do all 4 while i was at it. To be honest this probably would have been enough to stop the leak.


Next I filled up my lunch box with a load of silicone, it was the only thing I could find big enough to fit on the bottom of the canister, then sat the canister in it.


then left a few books on it over night untill the silicone had set.


Probably a bit over the top but I wanted to be safe than sorry and silicone is cheap. fingers crossed it will work ok.

Just got to find a new lunch box for work tomorrow! :)