Alum and Snail Removal


18 Dec 2016
Hey All,

I would like to kill the snails on my new plants before introducing to my display tank.
I figure that I should use Alum as I find its gentler than other treatments like bleach, h202 and salt.
There are a few questions that I've got though.

1) I'm wondering about the dosages and durations.
some folks say I should dose 3 TBS per gallon for 4 hours to be rid of the snails and the eggs.
others say dose 1 TBS per gallon for 3 days to kill the snails and eggs.
I know I could test this out but I would like to hear some success stories?

2) If it were practical and economical, should I provide Light, CO2 and Ferts for my plans while soaking 3 days in Alum?
Surely it would be better for the plant to have a running metabolism with light, CO2 and ferts during a 3 day soak?
The plant would be dependent on its fuel reservoir during a 3 day soak without light. Then it melts if the fuel reservoir runs out?