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Amano Shrimp question


26 Nov 2017
Norwich UK
Hi all,

I have had one amano shrimp in my 45ltr for months, perhaps even over a year. It's doing well., I have no worries about that, but I think it will benefit by adding some amano shrimpy friends. My question is, as it has been on its own for so long, will it cause problems by adding a couple? Any territorial issues?
I’d question whether or not the system needs another? I wouldn’t describe them as social tbh
Never had a problem introducing new Amano's to Amanos.

I wouldn’t describe them as social tbh

They really are. They interact with eachother a lot and are much bolder with other shrimp around. in the wild they're rarely far from other shrimp. Females also seem to stay healthier longer with regular mating.
Definitely are social animals and I think live in large groups in the wild. In an aquarium they really should be kept in groups of 6 or more. But you should never leave them to just subsist on algae or scraps. All shrimp need regular additional food, whether that be algae wafers, or freshly poached veg etc.
🤷‍♂️ I don’t see them as social - i haven’t observed any differences in behaviour with lone shrimp vs groups - but you’re right in the wild they live in large groups.

I guess our definition of social could be different 😅
I'm going to hazard a guess that like many crustations shrimp are also social creatures with hierarchies, courtship rituals etc., that communicate with each other both visually and chemically - I've certainly noted aspects of that in my shrimp only tanks! 🤷
I haven't asked them for their thoughts on the subject but here's a couple having a chat! 😂

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Nice Mat :) thanks, everyone, for your input. I do feed him/her algae wafers on occasion and crab cuisine wafers. I haven't fed veggies, Are any veggies that are recommended? However, on that note. I will introduce a couple of new shrimp and see how it goes. If all is good, then another 3 to make 6.