Amano shrimp suicide


4 Jan 2019
Not that common but it does happen. Could be because they either got spooked by something (fish?) or perhaps water is not in good condition?
Your profil picture also shows a cat, maybe he is to blame?


16 Apr 2015
It's pretty common, Amano shrimps are very adventurous and like to explore outside the water. I've seen them crawl over the floating vegitation.. I've lost over 30 jumpers during the years from several tanks. I also found them in the HOB filter sitting 10mm above the impeller and seem to like the rafting edy and i could only get in to crawl out of the tank over the sponge to the impeller compartment. And it happened nore than once, i suspect it was the very same shrimp each time.

Shrimps are also lightning fast swimmers and even jump under water, watch them closely and often and you might see one jump half the lenght of the aqaurium when startled by a fish bumping into it or for what ever reason. If this happens relative close to the surface they can launch themselfs out of the water and leap out of the tank.

Even tho they do not reproduce in fresh water, simply because the fry needs salt water. But they still go into heat and become pregnant. This heat periode is also known as Racing time. Than the males go bonkers and race extremely fast around in the tank like mad. Hence the term Racing time. During this its also not uncommen one or more leap out of the tank.

Bottom line.. Amano shrimps are not realy suitable for open top tanks..

Neocaridina shrimp do this less, but still not uncommon to occasionaly find one on the floor. Since these shrimps are quite a lot smaller, depending on its age from <1 to 30mm, maybe more often than we think vaccuum dead bodies up from the carpet without notice. The bizar good thing is, Neocaridina shrimps breed easily like rabbits in fresh water, faster than you can count, thus you wont notice a few missing.
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