An idea for Group buys for UV, test kits and other shared it

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by plantbrain, 8 Apr 2008.

  1. plantbrain

    plantbrain Expert

    2 Aug 2007
    I think given the level of growth within the UK and rapid pace, the UKAPS might consider buying more than just a few bags of KH2PO4 etc.

    I'd strongly suggest for those that are inclined to test and measure things to consider a good set of test kits/Colorimeter/spectrophotometer.

    This along with a good set of reference standards would allow good testing methods for the members.
    A 15 W UV will handle Green water for most sized tanks.
    A single Apogee light meter will allow for standard measure of light(250-300$ USD).

    I've not seen a good reference level CO2 method for under 1800$USD.
    LDO meters can be had here and there for maybe 200$ used and another 50-100$ for the probes.

    Many hobbyists like to test to answer a few questions, and then they can pass the test kit along to another member.
    Few use test kits over and over. If so, consider buying a NICE test kit, they are worth their weight in gold.

    Do not try and believe the cheapo test kit will do if you really are interested and plan on long term testing.
    Get something that's good.

    I am very glad I did this.
    It's much like DIY CO2 vs Gas tanks.

    Once you see the light, you'd never go back.
    Still, cost is an issue.

    But spend where appropriate and keep on the look out for good deals on such kits etc.
    Then share with other local folks.

    You can also freeze your samples over several weeks and then measure using the nice test kit all at once to see how things went etc.

    A Diatom filter is also something that might be worth while, and a person who has a nice scale, DI water and can make reference standards.

    You can simply mail these items around to each.

    It makes little sense to me to spend 3000$ on tank and then test with cheap junky 10$ test kits and dose based on those without any references etc.

    How to get $ for these items?
    Sell weeds on line and have plant sale drives for equipment, sell to LFS's, other clubs etc.

    Tom Barr
  2. Lisa_Perry75

    Lisa_Perry75 Member

    17 Oct 2007
    Hi Tom,
    If I was going to make reference solutions to test a test kit, what chemicals should I use to test ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, potassium etc etc etc. Do I use say KH2PO4 for phosphate?
  3. plantbrain

    plantbrain Expert

    2 Aug 2007
    NH4, ammonium chloride is good
    NO3 and K+: KNO3
    PO4: KH2PO4
    Ca: CaCl2
    Mg: MgCl2
    SO4: CaSO4

    If you know NO3 and you know NH4, NO2 is not really an issue.
    At least it should not be in a planted tank(new or old).

    Tom Barr

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