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Angels vs shrimps


13 Sep 2013
South Africa
Hello everyone.

I have got 4 x angels just over a year old. I heard they sometimes rip shrimps apart. Any thoughts or experience with angels vs shrimps... Im getting 12 red cherry shrimps. Just wondering what the outcome gonna be... My tank is densely planted. Please advise..


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It is very likely to be sth like Angels 4 :Cherry shrimp wilted to zero over time.I will personaly go for Amanos and the biggest U can get or grow them out a bit.The amanos are very hardy and are no less fun to watch.As for algae cleaning there is no point to comment on that.
I have some 2,5 year old ones with my SAP puffers and they are living in great relationship for over half year.
Regards Konsa
I have had a fine population of Red cherry shrimp going in a huge, densely planted tank for long - adding adult pairs of Angels (some of my breeding stock) made the defenite end of that within weeks..........
I now have the same Angels living (relatively) peacefull with a population of big Amano shrimp in the same tank.
...........and yes - some of my bigger breeding Angels have had the habit, to snack on Cardinal tetra's, too.........🙁.........
I think the angels will welcome the addition of some nice live food. With cherry shrimp and their similar size counterparts, there are very few fish that are completely trust worthy. Smaller species may predate less on the adults but shrimplets are still fair game. When I looked deeply into it the otocinclus were the only species everyone agreed was safe and even fish like endlers or celestial danio's were a risk and angels are like a whale compared to them.
Last weekend I brought 6 x Rummy nose tetras (Fair size), to add to the 2 I already had, today I can only count 4? The same thing happend a while back with some Harliquins, after seeing the angels go for them I rescued the remainder and moved them to another tank, but they were really small.

I sold my angels today, getting cherry shrimps tomorrow. My angels did not do it for me anymore.

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