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Any advice appreciated

21 Oct 2018
Just got my new aquarium is 130 litres. I have two internals, adds upto 1110 lph. Set it up yesterday and at the moment I have a filter each end with the outflows flowing together and meeting in the middle/ centre point of the tank. All plants have some movement I'm just wondering if there is any advice for different placement or better flow for the injected co2.sorry I don't know how people draw their diagrams. Thanks
Careful not to create a whirlpool though! For CO2 you would want to aim the outputs down a bit to maximise the amount of time before the bubbles reach the surface and reduce surface agitation to little more than a ripple.
Just a quick sketch of what you are trying to achieve:
Blue is aquarium, green is outlet, red inlet and yellow the flow you are looking to create; a circular motion.

EDIT - just read it properly and you have internal filters so as long as they are in opposing corners they should have the same kind of effect.

flow pic.jpg
So I've tried everyones recommendation with filters in opposing corners it works alot better but I have a few dead spots under one filter, central of the aquarium and the co2 bubbles are not quite making it fully around the tank with hardly any entering the central part of the tank. Wondering what you guys think of wave makers to add some better flow as I'm getting bba/staghorn and green spot on the leaves in the centre with hardly any flow and to improve co2 distribution. Ive read wave makers are pretty powerful? MyMtank is a rio 125 800mm long the smallest wave maker ive found is 2500lph is this overkill? Thanks,
The Koralia nano is only 900l/h
Try to find a good deal on JBL e 1501 it is perfect filter for your size tank.I have second hand one for £ 60 on my fluval 125 tank and is just right without spraybar just with the pipes.
Regards Konsa
Thanks konsa I keep an eye out, I have been looking at the koralia nano 900 but mixed reviews. I got a cheap hidom wave maker but it's rubbish the noise/vibrations are horrific like a jack hammer so I'm skeptical about the koralia and how noisy it is?