Anyone been to Beijing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic / Chit-Chat' started by KrisHumphreys1991, 27 Aug 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    My better half is moving to Beijing in the morning :arghh:

    It's for her third year in Uni, she's going to BLCU. To study language and business :)

    Just wondering if anyone on here knows much about it, or has been there..
    Places to go, things to know etc.

    Funniest thing I've heard so far is from her vaccination clinic.
    The doc said " If you see 'Northern Deer' on a menu.. Don't eat it. It's DOG. "


    Let me know anyway guys, I'm sure she'd appreciate it all too.

    (hopefully getting her to ship me home some nice aquatic stuff!) :thumbup:
  2. Antipofish

    Antipofish Guest

    Not been to Beijing Kris, but please encourage her, if funds allow, to visit Japan whilst she is over there. Its only a 1200 hop across and well worth the trip :) Also tell her that "Cheken" is NOT chicken !!! :woot:
  3. She's been to Japan a few times before, her father is from Hong Kong originally so he brought her.
    She got there this morning and had a bit of a mad time trying to get a cab from the airport, ended up getting lucky and meeting someone from the Uni!

    Haha what is Cheken then Chris ?
  4. Antipofish

    Antipofish Guest

    It was tripe FROM the chicken apparently. :sick: :sick: :sick:

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