Anyone had Eleocharis montevidensis


Has anyone had any experience with this plant and wanted to know how easy it is to grow this and would it survive in about 28C
its going to be in a discus tank
It’s a lovely plant, but I’ve not had any experience growing it at a temperature above 25^C. For me it’s grown fast and it is allegedly quite resilient. It’s found in North America in coastal areas and is cold hardy. That doesn’t lead me to think it’s great in heat, but 3^C isn’t that huge a difference and North America can get quite hot, but the coastal areas will be cooler. I reckon it’s worth a try and if you buy it from a garden centre it will be cheap. It might be worth looking into other plants in the genus and how they fare in warmer water. The genus is cosmopolitan so it might be quite adaptable to heat.

If you’re looking for other plants I hear that those from South America tend to do better in heat. Good luck.


Hi thanks for your reply I appreciate it!
I’ve ordered so let’s go see what happens hopefully it will grow in the heat as I really like how it looks

What other South America would you recommend

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