Approx. cost of running a Nano

Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by Tom, 18 Sep 2013.

  1. Is anyone here good at calculating the cost of electricity? I'm looking into starting a small tank at uni with gear I already have, but on such a small budget, I need to know how much it's gonna cost to run.

    Basically the system would have a light (24w for 8 hours), a solenoid-run CO2 unit (no idea wattage, 8 hours), and a small external filter (8w).

    If anyone's calculated this sort of thing before, it would be interesting to hear. I'm not looking for an exact cost, just a guide.

  2. foxfish

    foxfish Member

    Not a lot mate!
    40w at 0.15p per KW run for 8 hours a day would be £1.40 a month.
    So as an estimate between £9 - £12.
  3. sa80mark

    sa80mark Member

    Ive just put mine in a electric cost calculator and worked it on everything turn on 24 hours a day

    Light 11w
    Heater 25w
    Filter 20w
    Solinoid 12w

    At 12.7p kw and its 21p a day but in the real world its cheaper than that as the lights heater and solinoid arnt on for 24 hours a day
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  4. Good to know! I'm looking at getting my own place this year as an investment (parents own, I rent from them), rather than sharing the rent between 4 guys and putting money down the drain every month. Makes it a lot easier to fit hobbies in and I'm craving another tank after so long!
  5. squid102

    squid102 Member

    Approximately half a pint of beer a month. :D

    Don't worry about it and enjoy your beer nano!
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  6. Ady34

    Ady34 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Co. Durham
    if you successfully breed shrimp in it it could pay for itself :D
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  7. That's not a bad idea!

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