Aquaray LED colour difference

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by danmullan, 13 Sep 2012.

  1. danmullan

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    18 Feb 2012
    Hi guys,

    I've fairly recently got my hands on a pair of TMC GroBeam 1000nd tiles. I bought them new and have unfortunately had a few problems.

    One of the first tiles had a faulty power adapter, the online retailer I purchased from suggested returning the whole unit for replacement, so I did. The second tile I received seemed to have different colour LED's, this was also sent back and replaced with the unit I received today. And guess what... Mounted it up next to the other one, fired them up to 100% and the colour is still different if not worse. Basically, one tile seems to give off very bright white light (this is the unit I assumed was not faulty and so kept) The new tile however, seems to be noticably dimmer and has a green-ish hue to the light it gives off like the one I sent back before.

    Has anyone else had this? I have mentioned it to TMC who confirmed the previous pair I had were from the same batch, so LED's are the same. So they don't know what it is. But I figure the human eye can only detect like 50% of the light, so if I can see a difference it must be considerable??? The last thing I want is uneven light in the tank.

    It's driving me potty, I ordered the tank back in May/June but have had nothing but problems with every stage of the set-up... nightmare.


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