AR Mini help needed

Sam the Slayer

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29 May 2019
Arizona, USA
Hi all,

I was wondering if you all could guide me on AR Mini. I planted a group of 8 tissue culture AR Mini in roughly a 10” line 2 deep. Surprisingly all the plants did really well with nice color and algae free leaves. I was nervous, and still am, of touching it as to not want to ruin anything but it is looking like a thick mass of red leaves instead of individual plants that have sent a bunch of shoots. They have sent out a bunch of shoots but it makes it look like a hedge which wasn’t what I envisioned or wanted. Do you think I should simply remove a couple of plants to thin it so it can grow more in the traditional style or just leave it and see how it grows? I have attached a pic so you can see what I mean.

Any help is appreciated!

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