arcadia classica


28 Oct 2008

i am looking to buy a halide for my tank and came across the arcadia classica

had anyone had any expierience with thislight or know anyone who has?

i have not seen anyone use one before. they are cheap to at £120 for the single 150w HQI freshwater :D


29 Jan 2008
Well there's only three things that affect how it will work for your tank - the strength of the bulb, whether you can change the bulb if you prefer another one, and how good the reflector is.

Arcadia are a pretty strong brand, and I would assume that the reflector is at least decent. You can find out from Arcadia what format of bulb it takes. You know the wattage is 150.

So, if you could put (for example) an ADA bulb in it, it should be as good as an ADA light unit.

If it's a new unit you've got a guarantee. So it's all looking good!

It's not the prettiest unit ever designed, which is why they can't price it at £300. If you're looking to provide a certain amount of light for your plants, you can calculate if this unit will produce it. If you're looking for the prettiest light unit you can find, you need to look at them all and decide which one you like the look of.

Just some thoughts on choosing a light unit! Good luck with whatever you go for in the end! (I know choosing equipment is a nightmare!)


PS I know I've used the word "bulb" all through this post where I should have used "lamp", but I've found that it can be confusing to use the correct term "lamp" for what most people think of as the bulb. :D
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