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Arcadia Luminaire for Lido 120


Pike man
23 Nov 2008
Lymm, Cheshire
Hey folks,

Does anyone have any thoughts on the arcadia luminaires for a juwel lido 120?. I've just removed the internal filter, "which looks sooo much better" and I'm looking at continuing the improvements with the Arcadia Overtank Luminaire T5 Quad FW or the Arcadia Freshwater OTL Luminaire 4 x 24w 600mm. Does anybody know the best place to buy one from off the internet?, I dont seem to be able to find many sites except for ones selling the new luminaire which will set me back around £295 although I will pay the extra if it's worth it. How much will they improve my plant growth?, obviously taking into account regular ferts, water changes etc.