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Assasin Snail and the Yoyo


11 Feb 2009
I have one Yoyo loach that I think maybe anorexic, as he is not helping me with my snail problem.

I am thinking of getting some assassin snail but I am worried the yoyo might start eating again and eat the assassins.

Will the Yoyo eat them?

Will the snails do a better job?

If the snails are going to do the job I will give the yoyo to my LFS
9 Jun 2008
It might be because you only have one? I think Yoyos might be a social fish, and so are happier in groups. That might be why it isn't eating the snails.

If not, and you still have no luck then I'd go with the Asassin option. You might as well if the first option isn't working.
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