back ground plant for nano

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by billy boy, 7 Mar 2009.

  1. billy boy

    billy boy Member

    wick. scotland
    Been looking for a tall backround plant for my 35 litre arc tank, Any suggestions? But not Vallis,Just never had any luck with it :mad:
    The tank has pressurised co2, jbl florapol And lighting is 2 11 watt arc pods.

    cheers james
  2. john starkey

    john starkey Member

    take a look at hellofalumps nano in the journals section,regards john
  3. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans Expert

    newark notts.
    depends if you want stems or grass.

    acicularis will reach the surface nicely.

    i've just grown an array of stems in my 35L. just regular pruning will keep stems low. cardamin lyrata was lovely in my tank, mid ground though.

    m umbrosum will fill the back, in fact it'l fill the front too :wideyed:

    lilaeopsis grew well too, once it rooted :D foreground i know....with the 2 x 11w
  4. hellohefalump

    hellohefalump Member

    Newhaven, east sussex
    wow I got a mention! *big up the ego!*

    I'm using blyxa.

    I also thought about using E.vivipara, but haven't tried it so can't really comment. Because nano's are not too deep, I figured with the vivipara it would reach the top and need trimming before it started branching out and getting messy. Like I said though, I haven't tried it, that's just my theory, which is unproven.

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