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Background Plant Suggestions


3 Sep 2010
Barnstaple, Devon
Hi Guys,
A couple months ago I bought a Echinodorus Rubra for my 130L tank because it was meant to stay quite small at 20-30 cm high. Well its got alot taller to the point the leaves are bending over at the surface, its got that big around they are also touching the front glass lol. Shame I really like the look of it and my panda garra likes to perch on it. Unfourtunately its hogging the tank to much so will be for sale shortly. My question is are there any other Echinodorus or similar plants that will stay much smaller than this one? Or even some smaller bushy background plants im open to suggestions. Either that or Im going to move a crypt thats getting to big for the front of the tank and get some more stem plants to go next to it


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