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Barb Island. its all over.

Re: Barb Island. Lemonade anyone? Video tease.

tim said:
Love your fish selection Iain tank looks super healthy only thing I'd like is a vodka with that lemonade :lol: must be stunning to see in the flesh inspirational stuff :thumbup:
thanks tim, i just wish i was at home more often when the lights are on, generally only see it once or twice a week so it quite a suprise to see so much pearling. You also have to pretend the cardinals arent in there, cant catch them for toffee!

Ian Holdich said:
I love this mate, and it is one of the best scape on here at the moment. Make sure you get some decent pics of it before you take it down, as you should enter this in the IAPLC next year.
Ha! You flatter me. Not even in the same league as you and the big boys.... yet :angelic:
Will do for sure, hope in the next few weeks for a final pic but can see it dragging until new year now silly season is here.

Re: Barb Island. Lemonade anyone? Video tease.

Nah.........surely you got a bubble curtain down there!!?
I remembered Mark mentioning that watching an HD aquarium video via memory stick on a TV was good so i thought id give it a go. WOW!! Very very impressed, i didnt realise that my laptop and/or youtube washed out so much colour.
A top tip from Mr Evans!
I think i need to make a hour long movie as a 'screen saver' when playing music through the TV :geek:
this has been a little neglected over the last 3 weeks, overgrown so BBA came back ..again...
Had an overdue clean up.

managed to break the front piece of wood :( will try and do a better fix another day.
Looking really good mate, have you thought of somethinto thinner to replace the stems with? Something like a couple of aponogetons, or cyperus helferi, this would actually work with the flow IMO.
Looking really good mate, have you thought of somethinto thinner to replace the stems with? Something like a couple of aponogetons, or cyperus helferi, this would actually work with the flow IMO.
I would like to try something else in the middle, cyperus could give it a wildness. Was thinking another stem but ultimately got that itch to rescape now.

:) Absolutely crackin' mate. Way to go!
thanks mark, now just dreading trying to get a final few pics :nailbiting:
Just read this whole journal , very informative and thoroughly enjoyable to read, certainly one of the best journals i have read, superb looking tank also.
What a great shot!

Is there any chance of getting more light at the back of the tank? The way i find this easier is to move the unit/units to the back of the tank, and move the tank away from the wall a little, obviously a white background helps (Not attatched to the tank though.)I'm no expert, but it is the one thing mark taught me which really improves a photo.

Ps, this will rank quite highly in the iaplc IMO.
@ Ian Holdich
Thanks a lot mate, i need to work something out to get more light behind it (and how to use the camera!) Problem is i didnt leave a lot of room behind the tank when i set it up.... at the time i thought it was loads lol and now it cant be moved. I bought a 3mtr matt white foam board that now stands behind it also between the tank top and the light unit which helped but not enough as still have a lot of shadow cast as its so close to the wall. I think ultimately i need more light all over, after my hols i might fire up a couple of 4 x 39w arcadias dave has lent me to see how that goes. Does mean buying 8 bulbs though :greedy:

At least ive got something to send to IAPLC this year, i hope your right and it does ok. Plant health is still only 80%... having such a large island in an odd shape tank does cause a few head scratchers.

Very very good scape mate one of the best on here excellent !!

Thanks Tim, thats really encouraging to hear. I just glad to be the company of so many great aquascapers on here, everyday is a school day.:thumbup:
I so love this scape, this is a great shot to have in the locker for iaplc..... a rare show from the ruby shark too....impressive! :)
I really like the orangey hue at the rear substrate level fading into the darker greyish above, really compliments the fish choice and the island scape. If the light wasn't so bright at the top it would be ideal, but I know it's tricky trying to get rid of that.....maybe lower the lighting unit for photos so there is less spill?
Alternatively like me, more power needed at the rear to blow it out completely white....8 tubes may well do this! Lol

Great scape nonetheless, I reckon let the stems grow a few more inches and try another final tank shot before the rescape.

hey ady, thanks for your kind words, the tank isnt quite ready for a final shot as id like the tennelus to be longer as well as the stems but going away soon so needed to get something in case its an algae factory when i get back. It was quite good fun trying to set up a final shot.. its a bit of a mission but nice to get some pictures without pipes etc...
I hope ill get another chance to try again when im back then rescape in march, got an image in my head im itching to see if itll work, very different from this.