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Plant Profile Barclaya longifolia


26 Aug 2016
Plantbase submitted a new Plantbase Item:

Barclaya longifolia

Barclaya Longifolia is widespread throughout Southeast Asia. It's a member of the lily family, but does not produce floating leaves, instead it produces submersed leaves that are long and undulating, superficially resembling those of a cryptocoryne.
It’s available in two colours, red and green, but both varieties have a red brown hue to the leaf underside, providing an attractive contrast to many green plants.
Eventually, it may attain the size of a large Echinodorus, around 80cm, which makes it an ideal feature plant for a large aquarium.
This is a relatively demanding plant, requiring medium to high light. It prefers soft acidic to neutral water and temperatures in the range of 24-32°C, which makes it ideal for a Discus tank. Water column fertilisation is required and a nutrient rich substrate or root tabs will often be of additional benefit. The addition of pressurised CO2 is appreciated but isn’t absolutely necessary.
The plants delicate leaves are susceptible to snail attack, and may suffer a type of melt, similar to that seen in cryptocorynes, during which it may lose all its leaves. New leaves usually sprout after the bulb has rested for a couple of weeks.
It is often sold as a leafless bulb which just requires placing on its side, half in half out of the substrate. Propagation is by natural division of plantlets, and seed from self-pollinating emergent flowers.

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