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Discussion in 'Algae' started by Tom Michael, 26 Mar 2020.

  1. Tom Michael

    Tom Michael Member

    16 Nov 2014
    so given that I am house bound for the coming weeks I have decided to finally fix my BBA infested aquarium.

    I moved my 90h to my kitchen area as a divider between the dining area a couple of months ago.

    Two changes since the move : 1 I have gone from 2 externals to 1 (due to child access issues) and there is more natural light in this area...especially as I painted the room white and knocked a wall down... and it’s spring!

    I was initially thinking of adding a power head to compensate but the more I think of it I believe the main issue is caused by indirect natural light before the co2 comes on.

    So I have reduced my bubble rate, but now have the co2 coming on at around 7am-7-pm ( previously on at 12noon)

    I thought it might be useful to document how this goes and will provide photos shortly.

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  2. Tom Michael

    Tom Michael Member

    16 Nov 2014
    Giving this a tad more thought- given than daylight I’d currently from about 6, and midsummer is about 4, with the time before - should I just run the Co2 at a low ish level 24/7

    I know this is contrary to many people’s successful set ups (inc my previous tanks)

    Welcome thoughts from any one who has successfully or unsuccessful gone down this route.....
  3. alto

    alto Member

    24 Dec 2014
    I often do this in spring summer as tank receives significant sunlight BUT I have very soft water and never run “high” levels of CO2

    If running only the single filter, ensure that plant growth doesn’t impact flow too much (more frequent trims)

    Consider switching over to the (Eheim) filter which has 2 inlet, 1 outlet (perhaps a better long term solution than some other options)

    If you’ve trained your plants with high light, high nutrients, high CO2 such that they are growing ‘fast’ it will likely be more of a transition, if you have a manifold, you could run CO2 at a relatively lower rate 24/7, then open the second line for increased CO2 during the usual photoperiod
    Or have the high rate CO2 come on intermittently during the ambient light period
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