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Best crypt for very low light?

Hi all,
very very low light, mostly shade?
Cryptocoryne x willisii survives at the bottoms of my tanks, where even Eeyore would find it a bit gloomy. I've also got a green C. wendtii type.

If I wasn't sure about a plant I'd look for ones with dark green leaves, because dark green is likely to indicate they have a lot of a chlorophyll, like classic low light plants <"Bolbitis heudelotii or Anubias barteri"> have.

cheers Darrel
I've Cryptocoryne beckettii 'Petchii' growing in the gloom at the bottom of my tank; @dw1305 Eeyore would be mega depressed...:meh::)
It's been almost completely shaded out by the plants above but is doing very well.