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Best ferts for the plant plus the shrimp


18 Jul 2017
Hi All!

I want to find out which fert is most suitable for my aquarium and shrimp.

  • My tank size is 60cm * 40cm * 40cm
  • Light: ATI Sun power 4×24 W lámpa incl. dimmcomputer: 1W/litre
    • 3 pieces - Sylvania 865 T5 HO 24W = 5550 lm
    • 1 piece - Eheim Freshpower Daylight T5 24W = 1850 lm
    • Interval: From 14:00 to 21:00
  • CO2: High-pressure CO2 from 13:00 to 21:00. Drop checker is usually green.
What do you think, which is the best fert for my specs.? :)

Thank you
Plants dont care what fert they get as long as the ferts are unlimited.

Doing DIY EI ferts from dry salts is the cheapest route and its pretty straight forward esp if you have an auto doser, but doing them manually isnt hard either. But seeing your using CO2 injection most folk recommend dosing Macro and Micro ferts on alternating days, although some do use an all in one commercial formula.