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bga problem.


10 Feb 2009
hi my bga problem continues. my planted tank has been set up for 3 weeks now and im having a bga breakout its covering my mosses, patches on the bog wood, specks on the substrate. and now getting on to the leaves of other plants .Ive cranked up the co2, drop checker is either on lime green then up to yellow. lighting 3hrs in morning 6hrs teatime onwards, 56watts t5 in a trigon190 .im thinking of doing a 72 hr blackout after a 50% water change on sunday. at the moment the ammonia is nil ,very high nitrite, havent tested nitrate with nitrite being so high .im dosing 4.5ml of macro and micro solutions every day using the pps system. do i need to dose kn03 on its own even though its in my made up solution. any tips to keep the bga away after the blackout? (should i be doing a blackout after 3 weeks or should i persevere) forgot to mention ive added another powerhead for improved circulation no improvement as yet.


Expert/Global Moderator
11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
Well, you'll have to make a decision (just like Neo.) You can choose the Blue pill, (continue dosing PPS style) and believe whatever you want to believe - or you can choose the Red pill (dose EI or PMDD) and we can show you how deep the rabbit hole goes....

EI and PPS are not compatible because they are diametrically opposed dosing stratagem. PPS seeks to curtail the nutrient levels while EI seeks to maximize them. Both can be successful but PPS requires more precision and skill than most people are willing to deal with. I cannot tell you therefore how much KNO3 to dose with the PPS scheme, but I can tell you how much to dose within the EI scheme, typically 20-30 ppm per week. However, if you dose this level of KNO3 and continue to dose PPS levels of other nutrients there is a strong possibility that you will simply trade one type of algae for another. In any case, for proper figures we must know the size of the tank.

General EI guidelines are found in this article=> EI Dosing Using Dry Salts

An alternative, but still robust dosing scheme by JamesC for PMDD recipe is found here=> PMDD - Poor Man's Dosing Drops

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