big tank wpg t5ho now im confused

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by danmil3s, 20 Jan 2010.

  1. danmil3s

    danmil3s Member

    hi ive read that 2# t5HO lights running the length of my 750l(200x60x60cm) tank will grow anything but and iv also read it wont be enough and its still in the low light range. if using the wpg rule i still need .75 watts per gal but is my tank large enough for that to be useless anyway im still messing a bout with ferts filtration and water flow so its hard to tell if there working ive put some LEDS (100 watts) on as well to try and up the watts the thing is im very impatient and want my plants to grow now (i know not good in this hobby) i have a red plant i got from a garden centres aquatic section with no label so i don't know what it is it seems to be doing ok if not slowly is it true red plants need more lights ive read a lot about t5s but cant seem make sense of it i want high/med light because i want fast growth i just dont want to waste any money does any one think .8 wpg gal is anywhere near enough thanks for your help
  2. Simon D

    Simon D Member

    I think (with the greatest of respect) we need a bit more information:

    Any CO2 injection? Liquid?
    What ferts?
    What flow/turnover of water?
    What plants?
    What W/C or maintenance regime are you following/going to follow?
    How many plants do you currently have in your tanks i.e: heavily planted (can't see the substrate) medium planted (could bed a few more!) lightly planted (loads more substrate than plants)???

    your current lighting could be enough to grow quite a few plants but, without the above information, any help/potential problems could be misdiagnosed.

    A picture would help loads.
  3. danmil3s

    danmil3s Member

    sorry my bad
    ok sorry co2 is pressurised dennerle (selling ph controller after reading about them on here)
    ferts just started ei after trying pro aqua grow bags reduced kno3 due to fish stocking levels (wife)
    substrate is just kiln dried sand with fert sticks under rooted plants
    turn over is about x6 looking to upgrade pump using sump filter
    small power head moving water up grading weekend
    25% cant heat any more water so cant change more anless its a must means berrying another water butt in garden
    left front
    left end
    right hand close
    right hand side
    w2hole tank

    sorry took so long had to take and load pics thanks for your help
  4. plantbrain

    plantbrain Expert

    Nice sized tank has a lot of potential.

    Nice background too.

    Some nice full groups of plants, some good wood pieces and lights, you'll be set.

    I would suggest you use 6 total T5's, make a nice wood frame over the aquarium to house the lights.
    So 6x 54 W, and place each light with a reflector as far apart as you can, evenly spaced.
    I'd also raise the lights about 20cm off the top of the tank's glass lid.

    Make the hood so you have good access still.

    Good current and CO2 will be key.

    Nutrients will be the easiest of the issues from there.

    Focus on good lighting for the initial cost and set up.
    Then current and CO2.

    You can have a really nice large kick butt tank if you want.
    It's a big tank and cost a lot, takes up a lot of room, so do it right.

    Tom Barr
  5. TDI-line

    TDI-line Member

    Yaxley, Peterborough
  6. sanj

    sanj Member

    Coventry, UK
    Hi my tank is 240cmx60cmx60cm, very similar to you. I have 8x54 watt T5 over mine. I also have aquaray leds, but this is not needed. I also use 4x external filters although you can use powerheads aswell for circulation and dose NPK stright from the spoon into the tank. 2x 5kg co2 entering either end of tank. Growth is pretty good, but can always improve. mu problem was my rainbowfish pulling up and eating all my hair grass...loose ada substrates downside.

    you can see here although hairgrass is gone (bare subsrate) i have since planted the front with low growing crypts sp. Still evolving, not as i originallt planned...
  7. danmil3s

    danmil3s Member

    thanks for you help guys you all have really nice tanks i can tell ive still a lot to learn
    tom im not sure what you mean by 6# 54 watt bulbs do you 6 covering the tank front to back or do you mean getting 4 more 54 bulbs added to the to i have getting rid or the 2# 24 watts and staggering 54s along tank as the will not reach whole length. or would it b better to add to more 54 watts and 2 more 24 watts the back ground came from i think but they don't seem to do it any more i hope to cover it in plants
    sanj im having same problem with my wife's red tail silver barbs thay started on the grass moved to the moss now there in the free ads ive got the co2 in the sump hopeing i can just push it round the tank with power heads
    thanks TDI-line now i think i know what my red plant is Alternanthera reineckii 'nice set ups u have

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