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Biomaster Thermo 600 Noise

Fuzzy Shaq

Thread starter
11 Mar 2022
Hi everyone, I've got a slight problem with my filter. It's only 2 weeks old, the heater which is fitted inside is making a squeaky noise when turning on or off.
Is this normal? I know heater normally make a clicking sound.
Here's a video New video by Fezan Shaq
The the vacuum sound.

Check the sponges, in case of clogging the sound is louder .

The basket + prefilter (fyi I am running the 850 thermo)

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Yes, that’s exactly the sound my heaters make. No problems with them heating the water and I can hardly hear the ‘squeak’ unless I am right next to the tank.

Don’t worry
Brilliant thanks everyone. I contacted oase and they said the sound is normal. It's just the way they are designed.
I only noticed the sound when I removed the filter from the cabinet, otherwise it's not noticeable.
Sorry for the delay, I don't seem to be getting notifications.
Thanks everyone