Black ghost knife fish

Discussion in 'Fish' started by andy, 2 Mar 2009.

  1. andy

    andy Member

    Lewes, East Sussex
    Just bought a lovely BGKF for my planted tank. 3" long at the moment.....i've never kept one before in 35 years of fishkeeping. I asked the right questions in the lfs and got favourable answers.

    Anyone kept them before ?

    Ta muchly

  2. hellohefalump

    hellohefalump Member

    Newhaven, east sussex
    I've never kept them personally, but I looked after them in my lfs when I worked there. Make sure it gets enough to eat. Holding food close to it's mouth with tweesers is a good idea, as the other fish won't eat it first.
  3. mr. luke

    mr. luke Member

    I have one :D
    Its kept in a 6.5x2x2 tank with a host of other fish. make sure you have nothing bitesize as they grow to about 50cm, mine currently being a little over 35cm.
    mine is too ig to bother with bloodworms, although it likes maggots, earth worms, massivore pellets and lancefish.
    What size tank do you have?

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