Blonde moment supreme...

ulster exile

6 Jul 2007
Birmingham, UK
I changed my tank's water at the weekend and renewed the solution in my drop checker. As I had also bought a new FE, my CO2 was being turned back on. All good so far...

Almost half an hour after turning the CO2 on, my drop checker was green - "odd" thinks I, especially when I wasn't even running 1bpm and I used to run 2bpm at least...

Got my PH meter out tonight to re-calibrate it and start checking the CO2 the old fashioned way only to realise that I managed to re-fill the drop checker with my PH meter's storage fluid instead of the 4dKH solution! :rolleyes:

I am getting my hair done next week, so I'll be asking the hairdresser for a bit more blonde!

Anyway, had to share