Blyxa Japonica Trimming

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by tanker, 1 Apr 2009.

  1. tanker

    tanker Member

    Hi all,
    I've received some stalks of blyxa japonica through post. the condition of the plant is not good as some leaves melted and its turn yellowish. its still alive though.
    i've dropped these temporarily into my smaller tank, as my 3 feet tank is not ready yet. i've tied it to some stones to keep these in upright position.i can see the pearling from the leaves especially the melting leaves.

    How do i trim these unhealthy leaves? or do i leave it until it regain its 'greenery'
  2. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Usually I just trim the melted leaves and only leave the healthy ones. It will recover eventually if you have good CO2 and light and appropiate dosing.
  3. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.
    Blyxa is one of those plants that just doesnt travel well.

    Ive planted it as ive received it and just syphoned of the melt and let it do its thing.
    When it comes down the the actual "trim", you have tp ull the plant out and cut the exsess off the bottom and plant the tops.


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