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Breeding shrimps 2 questions


28 Mar 2020
Hi I have 2 questions at the moment , more will follow probably,

Well during the last few months I managed to get hold of 2 lots of Neocaridina shrimps 5 to start then another 5 (I lost one so i had 8) now these little devils seem to have been breeding and breeding so I've no idea how many I have now, they started out as a mix of different colours but the offspring seem to be mainly clear with red in their tails pity I liked the colours in the parents yellow, red, white and 2 blues and a lemon yellow.

now the questions :

1) as they seem to be multiplying like mad and my fish are not bothering the fry do i need to get another couple from another source to protect the gene pool (interbreeding) or just let them get on with it?

2) is there such a thing as too many ? ( not that I'd want to harm the little devils as I think they are quite cute,)

by the way I'm paranoid when cleaning the filter or trimming plants in case I accidentally 'throw the babies out with the bath water' as it were.
27 Sep 2019
Congratulations on being a shrimp grandma! I have only been keeping a couple of years but can tell you what I know:
1. No need to worry about inbreeding, I had the same question but was told that some people have had whole colonies lasting for a decade or more from a few initial individuals.
2. Mine seem to have leveled off after an initial population explosion so I think they self-limit based on food availability or similar constraints.

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