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Bristlenose Dropsy recovery


8 Aug 2007
Hi everyone, I recently had Bristlenose plec with severe dropsy and it recovered much to my amazement so I thought I'd post my experiences hopefully to help anyone else in a similar situation.
Bascially I was convinced she was going to die, she had the "pine cone" effect, extremely bloated and had some fluid filled nodules around her fins and was breathing hard. I very nearly euthanized her. Any way, I had some Sera Baktopur and made up a dip with 3 times the normal dose and added some aquarium salt. The dip was 2 litres in a small bucket aerated with an air stone, after she had been in there for 3 hours she was breathing better so I returned her to the tank and repeated the soak for 3-5 hours every day. It's now day 5, I can't catch her for her soak (so she won't be getting one!) and she is back to normal! :D
Hope this info helps someone.
PS - I have previously used the Sera medication to cure an ulcer on a Lemon tetra too by using the dip method, as far as i am concerned, it's a great medication :thumbup: