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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by Peter F, 7 Jul 2009.

  1. Peter F

    Peter F Member

    I have just purchased a Cal Aqua drop checker, reference solution (4dkh) and indicator solution.
    When I half fill the drop checker with ref solution and add 2-3 drops of idicator solution the miture turns Green.
    Should this happen ? After one hour in the tank it is still Green.
    From what I have read I expected it to turn Blue! As at this time the CO2 injection had only just switched on.

    Please advise accordingly, your advice is appreciated.

    Kindest regards: Peter
  2. Themuleous

    Themuleous Member

    Aston, Oxfordshire
    Humm sounds like something isn't right. As you say it should be blue to start with. Try washing the DC out with the 4dKH solution. I find this can help sometimes, esp if I've washing it out with tap water first. Also the DC will take a good few hours to show the CO2 level in the tank so give it time :)

  3. davidcmadrid

    davidcmadrid Member

    When you say add to the " mixture " , just to confirm you are putting the reference in one chamber and the indicator in another ? No that should not happen the indicator solution should be blue.

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