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can i grow HC?


19 Jan 2009
atm i have a pair of t8's on my juwel rio 180, 60W in total.
is this enough to grow HC.
i also have a FE co2 set up and good flow.
thanks in advance.
im not dosing amy ferts.
i want to does EI but no matter how many threads exaplaining it i read, i still cant get my head round it. any help on that would be appreciated.
I had the same problem and couldn’t get my head around it, but after reading on the forum I came across James Planted Tank website, http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk which helped me no end.
I used the PMDD+PO4 mix but he has all the info on EI and the EI mix and dosing. All the dry ferts I got from Aqua Essentials, not started to dose yet though, as I’m still getting more gear together, but soon I hope to get started after I come back from my Easter holiday.
Just keep reading! I’m sure you will get your head around it
Good Luck
Not the only one, I think I finally managed to suss out EI last night after a few beers.

Basically, have a look at the Tutorials section and Ceg's EI dosing thread.

He lists there a mixture for a 20 gallon tank. All you have to do (I think and correct me if I am wrong) is find out your tank volume divide it by 20 gallons and then use whatever number you get and multiply that by the amounts of nutrients used for the 20 Gallon. As the 20 gallons tank listed used 5wpg which many of us dont have you rougly 'estimate' how much of the mixture you use e.g 1 teaspoon for 20galons with 5wpg but you may only need 1/2 a teaspon for 20 gallons with 2-3 wpg.

Hope that made sense and plese correct me if I a wrong :p
Hi folks, the great thing about EI is that you don't NEED to understand it, just trust it. It is of corse better to understand it.
If you download and use NutriCalc then you put in your tanks volume and it tells you how much of what to put in, it's simple. I had great results with it, the best results i've ever had, I'm currently using the ADA range and thats definitely on a par with it but it comes at a cost, it's cost vs convenience for me and at the minute i'll take the cost.
Hi Dan

Was wondering if you use the exact ammounts in your mixtures? or do you take into account the lighting you have and change it accordingly?
EI neither requires that you take the lighting into account nor does it require exact measurements. That's why it's called Estimative Index. Just uses the numbers either in the nutricalc or scaled from the 20g reference tank or from JamesC's site. They are all very similar numbers which demonstrates how flexible the scheme actually is. None of these numbers are written in stone. Make adjustments as you go along if necessary as you observe the growth performance in the tank. It's really quite simple.

In any case, the OP's difficulties with HC will probably have more to do with CO2 and flow. The dosing is the easy part... ;)

Thanks for the explanation Ceg :)