can someone kindly explain this water chemical analysis?

Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by jarthel, 8 Jan 2010.

  1. jarthel

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    12 Nov 2009
  2. Will Ingram

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    18 Dec 2009
    The first 3 variables are the ones of i nterest.

    The 'total system' worksheet lays it out quite clearly, youv'e got your hardness, 200 mg/ L (Calcium carbonate) which is on the hard side, pH (~7.5, alkaline) and further down in the nutreients youve got the nitrate content (11.3 not bad), nitrite and ammonia (all as nitrogen).

    As for the rest, compliance (to within maximum levels) is quite satisfactory so I would not worry about the heavy metal content.

    mg/L means 'milligrams per litre' or parts per million (1L = 1kg. 1 milligram= 1/1000th of a millilitre)

    The stuff is similar to London tapwater but a little (30%) less hard.

    Which figures are you having difficutly with?

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