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Can you have too much oxygen in the water?


29 Jun 2012
Ayrshire, Scotland
Hi, I have put a sochting oxydator in my co2 enriched cube as I want to keep crs in it. The oxydator works by oxidising hydrogen peroxide to make water and pure oxygen. The guide said one ceramic catalyst for under 30litres and 2 ceramic catalysts for up to 60litres. I thought 'the more the better' so put both ceramic catalysts in for my tank which is about 25litres. Could too much pure oxygen cause harm to the shrimp or plants? The oxidator doesn't gas off co2 like an airstone so shouldn't affect co2 levels at all.

Any help much appreciated.
Increased pearling is an obvious symptom as the Oxygen content has maxed out and thus unable to draw any more from the plants.

Only problem would be potential asphyxiation if subjected to conditions where the oxygen content was below your high levels. If you remove your Oxydator or run out of refills, you may need to increase your surface agitation etc.
I have bubbles on the leaves but there are also bubbles all over the new metal shrimp guard next to the oxydator and drop checker. I didn't realize you could get pearling in a low tech?