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Canadian Aquascaper says Hello !


New Member
16 Dec 2019
Hello everyone , glad to have found this website after being in the hobby for a bit of time ! a little about me..
I got into the hobby around the age of 18. My first fish were Piranha , my first plants were some Jungle Vals.
once I moved on from Sand bottom tanks , Piranhas I got into other predatory fish.

a few years later I got into Discus , A Friend of mine and I would import the beautiful Stendker discus into Canada. It was an excellent experience... I did take a little break but I am back now and there is nothing holding me back.

Over the last few years I have followed a few of my favorite Scapers on Youtube and have learned quite a bit about different styles and methods which I will be using in some upcoming tanks..

My Favorite Scapers are:

James Findlay
Jurijis Jutjajevs
Laurent Garcia

I'm looking forward to learning from and interacting with all of you !